Just Friends is a brilliant movie that was just released on Netflix for the seventh time in the past five years. Originally released in 2005, it has now come back to Netflix on Nov1st, to be enjoyed time and time again. This movie has a run time of one hour and thirty-six minutes.

Just Friends is a romantic comedy that will teach the significance of true personality and character development. In this story, you will follow the life of Chris Brander, played by Ryan Renolds, who was once a teen boy who had once fallen in love with a girl, but figured he could never move past the friend zone because of how he looked. Jamie Palamino, played by Amy Smart, is the girl who Chris Brander once loved. After high school is over, they find each other once again and test fate to see if they are meant to be. 

This movie was produced by Chris Bender, Micheal Ohoven, J.C. Spink, William Vince, and Bill Johnson. It was directed by Rodger Kumble. On the Tomatometer scale, this movie was given a 42/100%. I believe that this movie does deserve a higher rating, but I understand why it may be on the low side. I do recommend this movie, especially around the holidays, but it is a lower-quality film. On the audience scale, this movie was given a 71/100%, which I would deem accurate. 



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