Maid is a television series that was released to Netflix on Oct1st, 2021. So far this show has brought nothing but positives to Netflix. In just a little over a month, Maid has been viewed by over 67 million Netflix accounts. This series is 10 episodes long, with only one season. 

This heartbreaking show will take you on a trail of adventures as a young mom, Alex Russel played by Margret Qualley, learns the value of self-worth. She takes herself through some of life’s biggest challenges so she can create a positive future for her daughter. She battles domestic violence, shortage of money, homelessness, and many other hardships. With the strength she gets from her daughter, she pushes through and creates a better life for the two of them. 

Maid was given an amazing rating on the Tomatometer scale. It was given a 93/100%. I would say that this score is very well earned. The topics that this show discussed were incredible and the actors and actresses all portrayed their parts very well. The audience scale was 87/100%, which I would deem too low. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who thinks they can handle these topics. This show was definitely one of my favorites. 



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