After weeks of strikes by the workers of 14 John Deere locations, 10,000 workers are heading back to work. The company and the union of workers agreed to a deal on Wednesday. The deal was ratified by the members of the union 61 percent to 39 percent. 

This deal is a six-year agreement that gives employees a 10 percent increase in wages this year and a total increase of 20 percent over the six years. Along with the increases in wage, workers will also receive a $5000 signing bonus and more retirement options. 

This strike is not one of a kind, as there have been threats of other strikes by other major companies this year. Kellogg workers went on strike on October 5th, 2021 and no deal has been made yet for them to get back to work. 

Strikes like these are becoming more common here in the United States as workers are demanding better work conditions. Many site long hours, no weekends off, and a lack of rest periods between shifts as reasons why they are striking. It is yet to be seen if any major changes will come from these strikes.




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