During the week of Nov. 15th, Ovid-Elsie High School Student Council ran a canned food drive, as well as many different food fundraisers throughout the week. Students were encouraged to bring in non perishable goods to their class’ advisor, with the goal of 200 per graduating class in mind. The items and money donated will be given to the Elsie Food Bank in order to support the higher need of these products during the winter and holiday seasons. 

At the end of the week, the freshmen and junior classes had exceeded their goal by a landslide. The other two classes… not so much. The overall total of cans items bought in by the entire school was around 2,000, so clearly the drive was still a big success. 

Jollee Swender, the vice president of the council, shared her input on the event. She said that although the food drive was overall successful, there were still some big struggles that the group found throughout the week. “It was a very last minute idea which should have entailed lots of time and effort. We also didn’t have a ton of advertising so we could’ve had a larger amount of cans with more time” said Swender. Deciding to hold the can drive only the week before it took place required a lot of extra time put in by all of the student council members in order to ensure that it would turn out. 



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