Laura Russo is a 54-year-old teacher in Sea Cliff New York. Russo was arrested on New Years Eve for allegedly injecting a 17-year-old boy with a vaccine. According to the Nassau County Police Department, the boy was visiting Russo’s home, where she injected what is believed to be a covid vaccine. Police said that Russo is not a medical professional and is not authorized to administer vaccines. It is still unclear how Russo got the vaccine. 

The boy’s mother called the authorities after her son told her that he had gotten jabbed. The department stated, “the mother had not given permission or authority to have her son injected with a covid vaccine”. 

The department said that Russo is placed under arrest and charged with New York State Education Law Unauthorized Practice of a Profession. NBC News 4 was told by the Nassau County School District that Russo has been reassigned from the classroom pending the outcome of the investigation into the allegations against her.



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