Photo Taken by Mackenzie Cunningham.

Photo Taken by Mackenzie Cunningham.

Coming straight out of high school and into the real world, what will you do now? After asking a couple of students about what they will be doing after high school, you see that you have many options. The few students at Ovid-Elsie I interviewed were, Alex Love and Grace Samson. I learned a lot from the careers they want to take, to the dreams they had as a little kid.

Like most people, Alex and Grace has very different answers and career choices. Grace for instance answered, “I plan to go right to college after high school and hopefully getting some kind of job or internship.” when I asked what do you want to do after high school, while Alex replied, “After school, overall I want to have adventures, and meet great people. Like live in a tree house or travel the country!”

When I asked both of the girls if they were going to college and what college would they go to, I got somewhat similar responses. Grace said “When it comes to college I don’t know where I’m going yet, but I do know I’m going to LCC for a year or two to get my basic classes out of the way. I would love to go to a school in New York but I don’t know if I could move that far away!” And Alex commented, “I am going to college, either right to MSU probably, or LCC first and transferring later.”

Career wise both girls aren’t entirely sure what they will be, Alex said, “I haven’t picked a career yet. I’m interested in working with people, the animals sciences, and agriculture related stuff.” While Grace is more sure of her future when she exclaimed, “I want to be a fashion designer or fashion merchandiser or personal fashion consultant I chose these because I love fashion and all the cool ideas behind it. No two people dress completely the same and I love to be my own person and stand out for something I love!”

From the jobs they want today came from the ones they wished for as children. Alex recalls what she had dreamt of, “As a kid, like most little girls, I wanted to be a veterinarian. Right after being a princess!” Meanwhile Grace’s list is much longer, “Oh goodness, I wanted to be an actress, a dancer, teacher and in fashion something or other! But all of those I would love to still do!”

The dream jobs from their childhood have changed immensely to the jobs the will take on as young adults which they have become. Your career is who you are and both, Alex and Grace, seem like they are headed in the right direction. Even though not every little detail is perfected there is many careers you could take after high school.



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