The Hunger Games is a science fiction trilogy about a dystopian United States separated into twelve districts. The districts are under the government of The Capitol, and two people from each district are required to compete in an annual fight to the death, called the Hunger Games. The main character, Katniss from District 12, finds herself in the middle of everything when she competes in the games.

I saw The Hunger Games a couple years ago and was a little disappointed. The movie played up the awkward teenage love triangle between Katniss, Gale, and Peeta way too much and replayed the bread scene a criminal amount of times. It was a bit sloppy and I probably wouldn’t have known what was happening if I hadn’t read the book.

Last year, I got the opportunity to see Catching Fire and it did not disappoint. Unlike the first movie, Catching Fire stayed more true to the story and went more in the direction of what was happening in The Capitol and the districts versus what was happening to individual characters. Since the character development was established more in The Hunger Games, this movie was able to delve fully into the events that took place. The sequence of events made more sense and everything was more detailed. The film moved at a good pace and stayed true to the general feel of the book. For example, the Mockingjay wedding dress scene. It was a defining moment in the book and the movie executed it very smoothly.


The casting was great as well. The movie very clearly portrayed the progression of the character development. I had mostly forgotten about some of the minor characters, like Johanna Mason. The movie captured the humor and rebelliousness of the character and made her the favorite of many and the epitome of civil disobedience. I think her character helped a lot in the comprehension of the movie. The way Johanna reacted to events that took place clarified what was happening and represented how the rest of the tributes felt.

Catching Fire achieved a good balance of accuracy to the book, humor, and story progression. The movie constantly foreshadowed events that would happen next and put emphasis on each character’s personality and reactions. Overall, Catching Fire was a pretty excellent movie and it definitely built up suspense for the next movie in the series.



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