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Tombstone is an old western movie that came out in December of  1993. It takes place in tombstone, Arizona , where Wyatt Earp changes the ways of the small town to become a success. The movie teaches life values needed to socialize and live daily. In my opinion, the movies is action filled and grabs your attention right from the start. It has just the right amount of love , fighting and good old fashion gun slinging to be entertaining and keep you on edge at all times. The climax isn’t a surprising one, but it is classic and shows just how much cowboys relied on their guns to do the fighting for them. The falling action is quite exciting if you’re interested in a love story and shows that the events that had taken place changed peoples lives forever. The ending has a powerful meaning. It gives you that sense of justice and settles deep within you. All in all, it is not only entertaining but educational and provides a heart warming, yet heart chilling, story.



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