Growing in popularity is Christian metal-core band August Burns Red. Having six full lengths out already and another currently being produced. They are quite the shock to listen to in my opinion.

One of my favorite bands to date, they have amazing lyrics and deep meaning in most, if not all, of their songs. Being a guitarist I can’t help but to have a sliver of jealousy on how lead guitarist JB Brubaker can shred and tear up the guitar as if it was a child’s’ toy. Jake Luhrs, current lead vocalist, completely overdoes himself again and unleashes brutal screams along with chilling growls.

Simply put, Rescue and Restore is the most creative and thought out album that they have made. However, that is not saying it is their best album, that title would go to Leveler or Messengers. Rescue and Restore is a album that you can listen to over and over again. Drum are fast and furious like always, and leave very little left to ask for.

Breaking apart from their usual style, some songs have some inspiring breakdowns and soft parts that left me with shivers. without hesitation I happily give this album a five out of five.

You can listen to Rescue and Restore using the Spotify player below:



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