Athletic training and Spanish teacher Ruben Nodarse wraps Noah Payne’s wrist. | Photo by Madison Schneider

Jessica Nash is working as an athletic trainer during the school fall semester. It requires her to tape injured body parts, supervise water, inventory management, and learn more from her teachers.

She became interested in the job position during the class rotations at the beginning of the semester.

“When Mr. Nodarse said something about it, I thought it would be kind of fun,” Nash said. “So, I signed up for it. Then, Coach Long got a hold of me. And it took off from there.”

Her feelings towards having a job as an athletic trainer were a bit conflicted at first, but changed for the better.

“I like it,” she said. “It’s pretty fun. It gets a little boring at times because we’re just watching practice, but it’s all good. It’s really fun because you get to not necessarily build a relationship, but just kind of be close with the guys. And you get to help the out. So, it’s really fun.”

Nash likes how taking the class changed her view towards certain things.

“Yeah, it kind of gave me a new perspective about how to perceive and act with people. It made me appreciate the class a little bit more. Even though, I didn’t have it when I started.”

She believes that her job will benefit her in the future by providing help with relations, giving her problem solving qualities, and benefiting students who will take the class.

“They would get more involved. If they have a passion towards the athletic training class, then that gives them a head start in college classes as well as more experience.”

Nash advises future students to attend the class with positivity.

“Come with a good attitude. You have to love what you’re doing, otherwise, you won’t have fun. You just need to have a passion for it, so you can apply it to your job.”



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