The marching band plays at the last home football game. | Photo by Kalista Tyson

The marching band has been preparing for their 2016 season since camp this summer. They are currently perfecting their show theme for football games and marching festival.

This year their show features music from the composer John Williams. Therefore, various students are dressed in costumes that pertain to the movies of the composer. For “Star Wars,” some recognizable characters are Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, several Stormtroopers, and a drum major as Princess Leia. Then, in the switch to “Jaws”/”Superman,” a shark and a lifeguard appear, and Superman runs out of a phone booth, with another drum major as Lois Lane. During “Jurassic Park,” two pit members dressed as park rangers chase a dinosaur, played by the third pit member, around the field.

“I think it adds an effect that connects the audience to the band themselves,” junior Kiernan Seagers, a clarinet player, said about the characters in the show.

She does not wear a costume of any sort, so her only focus is on marching, but for many other students, that wasn’t the case.

“I think it actually made it more fun,” band director Jeanine Ignash said. “We learned all of our sets first and then incorporated all of the scenes into it, so they knew where they were going and then we just added the fun to it afterwards.”

The Monday after homecoming is marching festival, so all of the football games leading up to it are large scale practices.

“I think it’s improved a lot, and we’ve learned a lot of sets in a short amount of time. I think we’re really successful this year, and I’m really happy with how everything’s turned out,” senior Lucas Leodler, a xylophone player, and the Jurassic Park scene’s dinosaur, said on how the show and the marching looks overall.

Along with the band, the drum majors this year have been working extra hard to prepare for marching season.

“Watching the band succeed in performances, I love watching that, it’s probably my favorite part,” junior Breanna Ladiski, drum major, said.

Ovid-Elsie is celebrating 50 years of excellence this year. In preparation for that, the band is finishing their festival show by adding an “Indiana Jones” costume, and adding songs for the homecoming celebration.

“Because we’re celebrating 50 years, and Ovid versus Elsie, we are going to incorporate the fight songs that Ovid and Elsie had,” Ignash said. “We’re learning the Michigan State fight song and the U of M fight song, which happen to be the ones that were for Ovid and Elsie. We’re going to put those in our pre-game, before the actual game starts, then at half time, we don’t do our show, we’re going to play “Home” by Phillip Phillips and “Accidentally in Love” as the court is coming down onto the field. “Then after the football game is finished, we will play our whole show, start to finish before we have our festival the following Monday.”



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