The freshmen hallway was decorated at the beginning of homecoming week. | Photo courtesy of Jeremy Whiting

Homecoming is one of the biggest events that everyone gets together to participate in. With homecoming being just around the corner, all grades have been planning for spirit week and the homecoming game.

Senior Trent Mason thinks the team has a good chance of winning the game.

“The football team is having a little bit of a struggle, but we’re playing the St. Charles Bulldogs and they have the same record as us so I know we can beat them for sure,” Mason said.

Hallway decorating is a different situation. It’s always a competition to see who can decorate their hallways in the most outgoing way. Kari McCormick thinks that the seniors have the highest chance in winning everything this year.

“We bought all of our supplies for hallway decorating,” senior class advisor Kari McCormick said. “I have a good feeling about it all this year.”

Float building for the parade is also a big part of homecoming week. It shows the dedication and school spirit that the students have.

“I went to float building,” Mason said. “It went very well and there was tons of people there, including the star guest appearence of Trent Mason.”

With everyone being busy planning homecoming week and organizing everything, homecoming is one of the biggest events during the school year.




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