Freshman Ethan Byrnes tells us about himself. | Photo by Kaylee Sutliff

Ethan Byrnes is a current freshman at the Ovid-Elsie High School. His favorite subject in school is Chinese because he likes learning about the Chinese culture. Along with school, he also participates in many sports like, soccer, basketball, baseball, and track. In his free time, Ethan likes to go shopping at H&M. In his near future, he would like to attend college for business. After he gets his degree, he would like to move out of Michigan and live somewhere near the water.



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Hey, my name is KayLee Sutliff. I enjoy being active by playing sports like, volleyball and soccer. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends and family in my free time. Lastly, I like coming to school because I like to learn new things and interact with my friends.