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    Sabreena Hammond tells us about herself. |Photo By Madison Schneider

    What are you interested in?

“I’m interested in art, music and politics, they are like my main three passions in life.”

  • What are you planning to study in the future?

“I’m going to say political science, economics and music. I want to get a double major and minor, and hopefully go into Congress someday.”

  • Are you planning on going to college? Where?

“Yes, I’m planning to go to college. I’m either going to go to EMU, or I want to go to LCC and then to go to Aquinas.”

  • I heard about that you are working on a project, what is it about?

“It is my non profit, it is called All In. I would like to bring art back to inner cities, give kids a different outlet, so maybe they don’t turn to drugs, and the use art and music as a positive outlet.”

  • What do you want to get out of it?

“I basically just want to help kids better their life so they don’t have a bad one, and then they can do something productive with their life and be productive members of society.”

  • Who else is involved with it?

“Mr. Bowen is one of my board members, and so is Brianna Hickmott and my mom.”

  • Are you going to or spending money on it?

“Yes, we’re spending money on it and we’re going to spend money on supplies, instruments, things of drama like sets and stuff…”

  • Are you doing any fundraising to raise money?

“Yes, I actually just did a haunted trail, we raised about $150 doing that. And then we’re thinking about doing a movie and have it in a venue and have people come in and pay money to watch the movie and have popcorn and stuff like that.”

  • What would the money go towards?

“The money would go towards venues to hold different events, art, supplies, instruments, and different stuff like that to do with the arts.”

  • How successful do you think is going to be?

“I’m hoping it’ll be very successful, because I’d like to go far with it and help lots of people, but, as long as I help a few, it’d be good.”



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