As election day, November 8th, approaches, students have been preparing their own opinions on the candidates, even if they are unregistered voters.

Currently, the candidates stand with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton leading the polls with 46%. Her opponent, Republican nominee Donald Trump, is at 40% in the polls.

Students are about as divided as the nation when it comes to their opinions on who should be president. Senior Alex Wakefield is in favor of Trump.

“His platform’s pretty crazy. But I feel like it’s necessary if we want to get anywhere because where are in a slow decline, national debt rising.”

In addition to his opinions on Trump, he also feels that Clinton is an unwise choice for president.

“[She] seems slightly untrustworthy. I feel if she does get it we’ll have not a lot of change, just four more years of Obama.”

In contrast, freshman Drew Ingraham feels the opposite. Ingraham feels that Clinton is a more qualified candidate for president rather than her opponent.

“I think [Hillary Clinton] is an able politician even though she has made some mistakes in her career.” Likewise, she confirms that a more Democratic approach is what this country needs.

Ingraham also feels that Clinton’s opponent is as unfit to be president as Clinton is to be president.

“I do not think he is fit to be president in any way. He’s not a politician, he doesn’t know what this country needs. He doesn’t respect people, he doesn’t act the way a president should and I think he is clueless.”

Though, Clinton supporters in this community appear to be less than those of Trump. Junior Dolan Hooker feels that a Trump presidency is exactly what this country needs.

“He’s not a politician is what I’m trying to say and I really respect that about him. Our country has been run by politicians for its entirety. I think that having a non-politician in power would really offset our national debt and stuff like that. He’s a business owner. I respect that about him. His tax bracket is very good, stuff like that.”

And, predictably, his opinions on Clinton differ greatly from that of Ingraham.

“I don’t like her. I think she is a murderer and I think she is a liar.  She killed Americans in Benghazi, she lies about everything, she’s under fire right now for the 30,000 emails she deleted. She donated 500,000 to the lead investigator on her email case to stop her investigation, the government found out about it and now she’s facing 20 years in prison as we speak.”

As the election draws nearer, it appears that Donald Trump leads the opinions of students here at Ovid-Elsie.



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Let this be known as the first time I typed something in school for my freshman year. It is not, however, the first time I had typed since eighth grade, as I write numerous short stories and novellas, most of which having to do with history or science fiction. I think it is well-known throughout the school that history is my passion, and I hope to pursue a career in that field. Extracurricular activities I am involved in are Band, and hopefully Quiz Bowl and I have just recently started a Chamber Orchestra here at Ovid-Elsie. As one can undoubtedly tell, I wish to go to college after high school and earn a doctorate's degree.