The senior hallway was decorated at the beginning of homecoming week. | Photo courtesy of Jeremy Whiting

Seniors are ready to get out. The disease senioritis is hitting seniors. They describe senioritis as always being lazy and not wanting to do anything, while showing up to school in sweatpants and baggy sweatshirts.

“I dearly hope it doesn’t effect me in the future because college is next year and I’m paying for my education”, senior Alex Wakefield said. Alex is one of the seniors who claims not to have senioritis.

Alex has some input about how this disease is developed.

“The parents just are not pushing their kids enough or just laziness in general,” Wakefield said. He thinks that seniors are ready to be done because it is their fourth year in high school and they just want to let go and have fun.

Some seniors, on the other hand, do have senioritis. “Absolutely, what senior doesn’t?” senior Shelby Frink said.

There are many different reasons why seniors are not into their last year of high school.

“They just want to get out of school and start over,” Frink said. She also thinks that some seniors do believe in senioritis while others don’t.

“The teachers yell at the ones who are slacking and applaud the ones that are not,” Wakefield said.

Both Wakefield and Frink think that senioritis does influence how hard seniors work.



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