Vidalia Wenzlick talks about the hopefully upcoming book club. |Photo by Madison Schneider

With the subject of new school clubs coming up all the time, many students are interested in there being a book club. Many people have positive opinions about starting a club for reading and bonding over books.

“I think a book club would be really cool because we could all read together,” freshman Drew Ingram said. “Reading is something most people enjoy, and it would be nice to have a group of people that have the same interests,”

Many other people have the same thoughts, like senior Taylor England’s opinion on a new book club.

“A book club, that’d be really awesome,” England said. “It’d be people that want to read, would have more of an opportunity to get together and fangirl about it.”

“I feel like there is a lot of people that enjoy reading in our school,” freshman Brook Del Bosque said. “To have them all come together and to be able to share how they feel about a book would be a good thing.”

Jordan Nethaway, Olivia Sanyang, and Kaden Inman, all agree that many people would join a book club. With many of the good attitudes toward a book club, why doesn’t Ovid-Elsie  have one already, some may ask. Well because many people have sports and other busy schedules.

“If it is during schedule for sports events most people won’t come because they’re going to be cheering on those people, but if it was before or after it’d be perfectly fine,” sophomore Kaden Inman said.

With many positive opinions and people willing to support a book club maybe Ovid-Elsie will see one soon.



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