National Honor Society is a worldwide organization, consisting of kids all over the country.

In order to be involved in NHS a student needs to complete a number of volunteer hours in a year.

One of the main things that they can do to earn their volunteer hours is work the blood drive that happens every year.

“Blood drives are a good way to give back to those less fortunate than us,” senior Sarah Sopocy said. “I also think it is good for the community. People come to the school during the day to give their blood and it shows them the students involvement and gets them to see our school.”

“We work hand in hand with the American Red Cross and that is always good to see the dedication of getting blood for people to see.” junior Keegan Trefil said.

“We had to cancel a lot of students donating blood because we had so many people come in from Elsie and Ovid to give their blood for a good cause.” Trefil said.

The NHS values the importance of giving blood for the number one reason being that a life could be saved by someone’s donated blood.

Sopocy said “Donating is such a great thing to do, it saves lives, by giving your blood you could be saving a life. Hospitals are always in need of blood.”

Students will arrive at the school by 6 AM to set up and get ready for the Red Cross as well as students who will arrive to give their blood.

The food that is provided for the students and community members is al brought in and donated by the NHS students and parents.



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