Many people in the school don’t completely know that we have a Student challenge among us. Student challenge is a group that talks about God and the people in the group also pray. They meet every Thursday and for middle school, there is a meeting every Wednesday. If you decide to go to the group on Wednesday or Thursday, you will be served some good breakfast foods. Make sure you get up early enough to come check the group out!

“This is a Christian group where we typically have a message and we have food, it’s just a really good place to go during the morning, we pray and learn about God. It’s a really good time.” Senior Shelby Frink said.

Students across our campus might think that this type of group isn’t the group for them. They might think that they wouldn’t be accepted in the Student challenge. But, this group is always accepting people in the mornings of Wednesday and Thursday.

“Some people are worried about what their friends will think but, ultimately I think that promoting it more would be good and I think that if people really knew that they would be accepted to it, it would be another thing that they would really enjoy,” Frink said. “ [I]f they tried it I think that they would like to come back and join us again.”

Student challenge is a good group to get into and everyone always enjoys it. Come out to the next group meeting to pray, learn about God, and eat some good breakfast foods.




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