According to junior Aniston Niederquell, the junior varsity boys and girls bowling team’s secret to having a successful season is great sportsmanship and encouraging teammates.

“Everyone worked together and despite anything that happened during any of the events we tried to actually help them,” Niederquell said. “If something went wrong we just helped them.”

It wasn’t just the good sportsmanship and team encouragement that got them to have a successful season.

“Our coach did an amazing job,”  Niederquell said. “He really taught us how to do the sport we wanted to do, and taught us quite well.”

Coach Underhill not only helped them succeed in having a successful season, but helped some reach personal goals they set for themselves.

“My greatest achievement would have to be getting back into bowling,” Niederquell said. “Thanks to coach I have gotten better at a sport I am passionate about. When I started the season my highest score was about a 14 and at the end of the season my highest score was around 130. I improved immensely.”

With her immense improvement this season, Niederquell feels confident in herself and feels next year she could have a chance at varsity.

“I don’t want to say for sure that yes I will, but if I had to make a guess, I would say maybe,” Niederquell said. “I know we all have our rough edges here and there, and we all have our lows, but I think I might just have a chance at varsity next year.”

Niederquell is not the only one who believes she will have a chance at varsity next year. Sophomore Grace Fowler has also become more confident throughout the season.

“I think I might have a shot at making varsity next year,” said Fowler. “I have gotten a lot better, I am actually able to hit the pins.”

Fowler has a different opinion than Niederquell on how the season went but the both agree that it was a lot of fun and that is all that matters.

“Even though we didn’t do that well in our tournaments, we all had a lot of fun,” said Fowler.



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