Starting the season off a little rough due to the loss of 8 key competitors, the Varsity competitive Cheer team came back strong and finished off the season at Districts.

“It was pretty good this year,” senior Serina Heinze said. “Last year we lost quite a few good seniors but we did what we could and we did good with what we had. I’m proud of us.”

As every sport,there are hard times, but with group effort, you move on from the rough patches.

“The season went pretty well. The struggle though was having such a young team, and also with girls quitting,” senior Sabreena Hammond said. “The problem with that was having to change rounds, which is very time-consuming.”

Cheerleaders succeed in trust. For instance, if you’re a flyer you need to trust the group who are putting you up in the air, and they all need to be in synch.

“It’s hard being a flyer because all eyes are on you if you make a mistake everyone sees it. Trusting people are hard but you have to be able to trust every single person who are lifting you up,” sophomore Madalyn Horak said.

This year an exchange student from Spain participated for her first year ever, seeing as they don’t have this as a sport there.

“I did gymnastics which helped with tumbling, so I knew quite a bit of things,” senior Sonsoles Sanchez-Albornoz said. “The hardest thing was not being able to perform a lot, but I loved watching my friends, I just wish I could do it with them.

With regionals being just around the corner the nerves were high as they took the mat, leaving it all on there.

“We made it to regionals and we didn’t get the best outcome that we wanted but it was pretty great,” Heinze said.

“We kinda knew we weren’t going to states, it was more about going out there and having fun at our last competition,” Hammond said. “We were really nervous, we made some mistakes, and in the end we came in 9th place. Overall, I couldn’t ask for a better ending for cheer.”



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