The annual high school and middle school talent show was performed yesterday, Wednesday, April 26th. The show included eight remarkable acts of musical, vocal, and rhythmic talent. The student based audience was required to contribute two dollars each to support the funding for the show, along with other important causes such as funding for the dramatic arts (band, creative theater, filming, broadcasting etc.).


“I believe the show was an absolute success,” Journalism teacher Jeremy Whiting said, “I think everyone that participated in the show did a really good job.”


There were a lot of positive reviews of the talent show among the wide range of students as well.


“I really liked Gabrielle Hall’s performance during the talent show!,” senior student Kat Underwood said, “Her singing voice is just so natural, and amazing! I never would have known she was that good if she wouldn’t have performed, but luckily she did.”


“I liked Brienna Hickmott and Jessica Monroe’s version of “House of Gold” by Twenty One Pilots,” junior student Jeanelle Courtnay.




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