How to Get Good Grades


Good grades are something that most students strive to get, but sometimes it can be difficult. Fortunately, some students have found a very simple solution to this problem.


Note Taking


Some students credit their good grades entirely to good note taking. One student said, “It’s [good grades] about taking notes in class.” Freshman Jewel Powell said, “It helps you remember things, when you actually are writing them down.”


This may not work for everyone, but quite a few students have reported to have success when they take good notes. Freshman Sydnee Godfrey said, “I just take good notes and try to listen to my teacher.” When you take notes, it allows you to pick out which material is important in the lesson and which is only secondary. It also allows you to pick out your areas of weakness, allowing for a more effective study session.


Paying Attention in Class


Paying attention in class is something that is expected of us, but students may be unaware that this technique can help their grade significantly. Freshman Jackson Thornton said, “Don’t mess around in class. Just pay attention.”


This technique alone may not always lead to good grades, but it still helps. Godfrey said, “I just try to listen to my teacher,”


Paying attention in class has its obvious benefits. Paying attention allows you to create the most effective notes for you, and when you’re active in class, you get the chance to ask questions to understand what you don’t know.




Some students swear by this technique. In fact, one student said, “I study for everything,” Freshman Joshua Swender. While you may not have time for this every day, it’s good to study whenever you get the time.


Most students don’t even study this long. In fact, Powell said, “I like to study the night before to refresh my memory.” While studying can be very effective, knowing how to study will help benefit you immensely.


In order for the information to really “stick” with you, don’t cram in your study sessions. Studying over the course of the week is far more beneficial than cramming in the night before the test.



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