A talent show was held on Wednesday, December 20th. During this event there was dancing and singing. Many people enjoyed the show. Some even wished that they could have seen more.

“The one thing that I would change is maybe more performances,” said senior Gavin Ramirez.

Performers began practicing for this show since late November. One participant did a dance routine with her older sister.

“I spent a lot of time on this,” freshman Brooke Ladiski said. “I want to make sure everything runs smoothly.”

Many students enjoyed the Ladiski sisters’ performance and were surprised to see how quickly they were off the stage in order to keep the show moving.

“The talent show ran very smoothly,” freshman Jewel Powell said. “While everyone had plenty of time to show off their act, Brooke and her sister were off the stage quickly in order to get the next act moving.”

Some of the students left the show excited for the next show. Many were also inspired to participate themselves.

“If there is a spring show, I will be doing an original piece,” Ramirez said.

Many of the performers enjoyed the opportunity and are looking forward to participating again.

“I was very happy with how I performed but next time I am going to choose a better and maybe faster song,” freshman Karli Smith said.

The participants also seemed to like the way they were treated while they were practicing and getting ready for this event.

“I think the best part of the talent show was that we got to choose our acts,” Smith said. “No one was rude about the choices we made in our acts.”

Overall, the talent show seemed to be a huge hit. Many students were happy with the performances and are looking forward to another show.

“I think that the performances went well,” Ramirez said. “All of the performers were composed and it seemed like it went smoothly.”



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