Students Challenge has been At Ovid-Elsie for years and no one sees it leaving for years to follow with the students running it hand picked by Everett Smith, the past wood shop and metal shop teacher. Student Challenge is now run by the students he picked for his team. The meetings are hosted  in the wood shop room by the new wood shop teacher, Ben Smith, Everett’s son. Student Challenge is for those who want to chat with others with the same faith as theirs or for those who want to find out what it is and get faith of their own if they choose.         

          The wood shop is located in the senior hallway just through the North hallway doors at Ovid Elsie High School. It may seem scary to get there but as soon as you go you will enjoy it and then when the next week rolls around you can choose if you want to go or not.

          Student Challenge happens on Thursdays for the high school at 7:15 a.m. and Wednesday for middle school at 7:15 a.m.  That is not the end, however, and on the last Thursday of the month all the students come from the middle school to join the high schoolers for the last one of the month at 7:15 a.m. 

          Everett Smith at first created this group to introduce students to individual faiths at school and that sprouted into something bigger with more kids. Cash donations are not given for the group in the morning, but  instead people donate food so that the students can eat something before school even starts.

        Student Challenge was created to give students a pit stop, half way through the week, where they could go and hang out with others who wanted a fill up with more faith because church was not there for them until Sunday. If for some reason school was cancelled on one of the days, Student Challenge would be moved to Friday.



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