For Student Challenge, Oct. 4, Everett Smith taught a lesson about how men trusted in God and did as he wanted and in return God would be with them. This is the first of many lessons in what is going be a guide of things that Ovid-Elsie High School students wanted to hear about this year at Student Challenge.

Student Challenge takes place in the woodshop room, also known as C-14. It is weekly on Thursdays, starting at 7:15 a.m. and lasting until 7:50 a.m. Usually there are around 15 students and staff but with the inclusion of middle schoolers it got up to almost 60.

This lesson is being taught using Genesis 39 and the story of Joseph in the Bible to help the students understand why all must follow God and in return he will be with them. Even when Joseph was abandoned and left to die in the desert, God took care of him because Joseph stuck with him.

This lesson is being taught to impact high school and middle schoolers, and because the high schoolers wanted certain lessons that dealt with how our culture deals with day to day events and how they should deal with them, even if people tell them they should do it another way, we need to do it how we find fit.

When asked if there was a certain group of students that are trying to be impacted, Abigail Hills said, “There isn’t a specific group of students trying to be impacted. We are trying to inform all students, no matter who they are.”

This shows that even though these lessons are pointed towards high schoolers, anyone can get a little bit of the lesson and it would still apply to them as the Bible is a universal tool for anyone.




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