Have you ever been on a computer so long that your eyes begin to ache? If you have, don’t feel alone. Many people all around the world are facing this common problem as the numerous hours of screen time our eyes endure continues to increase as we spend work hours and pastime alike in front of the screen.

It’s no secret that several people enjoy scrolling through social media and even binge watching their favorite shows on Netflix in their free time, however, the common saying, “you’ll go blind if you sit too close to the TV,” may be wrong after all.

Although the blue light may temporarily cause eye pain, many studies suggest there isn’t any strong scientific evidence that it’s truly causing eye damage. What many people feel when they experience this pain is typically just uncomfortable symptoms such as dry eyes, eye strain, fatigue, headaches, difficulty focusing, and blurred vision. However, all these symptoms subside as you stay away from electronics.

To help prevent eye pain you can do a few of the following to help:

Change the brightness and temperature of your screen, by doing this you can help reduce eye strain and fatigue.

Take frequent breaks to give your eyes a rest from the blue light.

Try to take a few moments to do eye exercises to help your sight and your focus.



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