Ovid Elsie played an incredible game against Byron but unfortunately it just wasn’t their night. They ended their district run with a 2-1 loss.

Ovid Elsie midfield did a great job of controlling play in the first half and their defense played outstanding all night limiting their chances. In the second half, Ovid Elsie started to get quality chances on the net.

Ovid Elsie strikers got a lot of good chances but the Byron keeper stood on his head and made a lot of great saves. Cal Byrnes was able to get Ovid Elsie on the board and give Ovid Elsie the momentum. But Ovid Elsie weren’t able to hold it. Byron was able to get the bounce when they needed it.

Cal Byrnes scored in the 47th minute with an assist from Sean Witt.

Ethan Goad scored for Bryon in the 57th minute.

In the shootout, Byron was able to make its shot, giving them the advantage to win.

OE Coach Chris Parker said “this was one of the best games that I have ever watched, hats of to Byron.”

Record: 16-3 (13-1)




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