Does the thought of you ever being good enough in other people’s eyes ever bother you? You may still have this thought around the same people you have been going to school with for many years. Statistics say that after you graduate nobody will really focus on popularity. But in the minds of high school students popularity is everything.

Every day when students go to school they focus on whether their clothes are cool enough or worry that people are starting rumors about them. Studies show that students who had strong friendships in their teens showed a relative increase in self-worth measurements from 15 to 25.

Peer acceptance and popularity are somewhat important in the students’ life. Although in later years of the students adult life, they can show to have more social anxiety. If students stay friends that show positive effects and choose to do healthy activities that can give off some health benefits.

Popularity is an important aspect in life because the way your friends are towards you mirrors how you’ll act around people other than your friends. The saying the way you treat others is how others are gonna treat you has a big role in this because it can affect  careers and relationships. Friendships benefit your children because they tend to have the same attitude as their friends and stick with the same personality as they grow up and could cause some good and bad aspects in life.  




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