I have been watching The Originals for the last few years, keeping up with each season as each new one comes out on Netflix. Now, I know most people don’t know what The Originals is and I ask most people if they know about he Vampire Diaries and they usually say yes and I say then you should watch this because it has the same supernatural creatures in it and it has even more interesting events going on in each season. Might I add that both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals are both produced and directed by Julie Plec.

In season five, the seasons starts off seven years after season four were we saw Freya, put all of the dark magic into each family member, Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, and Kol, but it came with a consequence, they couldn’t be around each other ever again. Hope (Klaus’ child) is desperate to see her father again after seven years of being apart, so she “kidnaps” her mother and hides her away, telling everyone that she had went missing putting the town into panic to search for her.

Klaus, blinded by rage, ends up somehow meeting with Caroline Forbes (Old flame from the vampire Diaries). Caroline explains that Hayley went missing and Klaus went back to New Orleans in hopes to find her,. When coming back to town, the dark magic inside Klaus starts to manifest when he him and Hope get too close to each other and it sends the city into dangerous waters. Klaus then threatens the werewolves, witches, and vampires blaming them to be responsible for Hayleys disappearance after they find out Hope was the one to take her and hide her, but she was taken from where Hope has hidden her.

We soon find out that Greta, a very old enemy has taken Hayley and hidden her, because Klaus had killed her husband long ago, and hayley would be the one to pay for his wrongdoings. Hope is at her boarding school in Mystic Falls, when a “friend” named Roman cloaks them both and they go on a “road trip,”. But this ends up leading Hope to where they have Hayley held at and he then ties Hope up along with Hayley and holds them captive, while Freya and Vincent (a witch brought into the show in season 4) do locator spells to try and find them, while Greta shows up at the house to suppress her werewolf side and as soon as she isn’t a hybrid anymore Freya finds her and Klaus speeds of to find them, when he arrives, Elijah as shows up (without all of his memories because Marcel took them away) tries to stop Klaus from saving them and they fight Klaus eventually breaks in and they find Hayley pinned against the wall with Greta’s hand in her chest,. Hayley turns to Elijah for help but he does nothing, so to stop Greta, she tears off her daylight ring (to protect vampires from bursting into flames in the sun) and she rushes both of them outside and they both burst into flames and die. Meanwhile, Hope continues to blame herself for her mother’s death, Klaus tries to talk to Hope but  but Hope pushes him away, so he can’t see her through magic . Ivy, the witch doing the spell so they could see each other, then tells Klaus that if they keep meeting each other, everything leading up to each meeting was predicted by witches from the 1700’s, meaning that after just two more meetings between the family members every first born in every family in New Orleans will die. When Hayleys funeral begins, Klaus shows up and to support Hope but soon leaves when things start to turn bad. He leaves and on the time of leaving he is placed in with a sort of “dimension” of their house. He soon finds out that the rest of his siblings are also trapped and that Freya had created this place so Hope could absorb all of the darkness from each one of them so they could all be together again, and the only way to get out was for everyone to find their key and use it to unlock their own lock and then open the door and get out.

When they all unlock the door they end up in Elijah’s subconscious, everyone escapes and Elijah is forced to have his memories returned, after he mourns all of the guilt he has for letting Hayley die. Hope blames Elijah for her mother’s death not caring that Elijah didn’t have his memories or not. Soon the whispers that all of the others hd heard in their head start to appear in Hopes head, and to only make the whispers go way she takes all of her anger out on Elijah, but they soon return a few hours later. So Kaus takes Hope to take her anger out somewhere, which is on all of the vampires who helped to kill her mother, when everything is over Klaus finds that Hope had injured someone and then after he heals the human they find a man dead, meaning that hope had triggered her werewolf side and she couldn’t go back from that now.

After the death of the man, Klaus goes to Davina to help figure out when the now new dark veins were appearing on hopes hands and she finds out that she will only worsen and then die. After this, Freya announces her wedding to Keelynn, at her wedding Klaus and Elijah both walk her down the aisle and then they all celebrate, later that night Hope falls and the veins are now farther up her neck and are much darker than before so to save Hope, Klaus takes her to her school in Mystic Falls the Caroline to see if her daughters can suck the darkness from her and put it into him to save her life and then end his own life so the darkness dies with him, she agrees. Hope faints again waiting for them to arrive and her heart stops, while being “dead” she sees her mother in her “dream” and she finds out that she has found peace with her dead husband and her parents she had never meet before. Hope then wakes up to her father begging her to come back and they soon agree that they would go through her transition into a wolf together. When Hope is transitioning into a werewolf Caroline’s daughters suck the dark magic from her and place it into Klaus, when Klaus tries to end his life hope shows up and puts him to sleep to try and save him to try and figure out another way to save him instead of death.

He starts to hallucinate and was going to kill Hope because of the visions from his father telling him to kill her but before he can Elijah shows up and snaps his neck putting him to sleep once again. When he wakes up he finds,out that Elijah had decided to take some of the darkness into himself so that Klaus could say his goodbyes without going crazy. To say all of their goodbyes they throw a party where Klaus says goodbye to everyone they him and Hope say goodbye away from everyone else. Klaus tells Rebekah she can have the cure to vampirism as it waits in mystic falls she thanks him and then agrees to marry marcel and then leaves Klaus and Elijah at the park bench where they sat, Elijah then tells Klaus that he plans to stake himself with Klaus and they argue shortly but Klaus then arees and they break the white oak stake and they both stab each other and they both turn grey then start to float away into the night.

In my opinion, I think that the ending was pretty boring, because I wish it was more intense like the rest of the season was and I think they should also show everyone’s life a year after they both die. I was expecting more for the end because for The Vampire Diaries ending it was very dramatic and kept you on the edge of your seat the entire time, this kind of upset me because I was expecting more. But overall I think that the show was very good and I will forever love the show and all of the characters and I can’t wait for Legacies to come out on Netflix.  It is a spin off of The Originals based round hope while she’s at school after everything that has happened.



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