Student Council is planning thematic events for Holiday Week. They will have students dress up according to theme and they will also be selling items such as ice cream, pizza, hot chocolate, and more.

    Student Council is doing this at the school on Dec. 17 until Dec. 21. Food items will be sold during the lunches.

         Student Council is putting this on because it is an annual event so it is being done again. Certain dress days have not been determined, but they will all revolve around the holidays. They are selling items because they will be able to make money during the festivities in order to put on other events. Money raised from these sales will go towards the basic Student Council fund, which is used to put on other events for the students.

          Student Council is going to do this by having the student body dress up in a different way each day. This will soon be put on posters in the hallway, so that students will have the correct information to base their outfit off of.

    Council member Brandon Grieder said, “The majority of students like and enjoy the holidays.”

          This shows that Student Council is aware of the time of year and how it can affect what people wear and what they buy. It also shows that they are considering putting on events that the majority of student would enjoy.



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