Why winter is the worst season

  1. IT’S TOO COLD. Each time you step outside, regardless of the layers you attempt to put on you still get cold then you have to spend time getting warm. Temperatures drop below 0 which means the cost of home heating skyrockets, especially when you get goosebumps at 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. The wind hurts your face. Windburn is real and if you’re lucky enough to have never experienced this, I envy you.
  3. Ever sat on a cold toilet seat just after first waking up? It isn’t pleasant. We both know this.
  4. People don’t know how to drive in snowy conditions. Commuting takes longer, driving is actually scary at times and no matter how experienced a driver you are, you may still find yourself stuck in a snowbank or worse.
  5. Shoveling. A great workout and always needs to be done at least three different times due to drifting. It’s practically you vs. nature.
  6. Snow. Hazardous, brighter than my future and annoying although at times aesthetically pleasant.   
  7. Ice…all the ice. It’s on your steps outside, hanging from your gutter, on your car windshield, all over the road.
  8. There isn’t enough sun to absorb. Vitamin D deficiencies increase and so does seasonal depression due to the distance of the sun.
  9. Snow Melting. Okay, this is horrible. The water is everywhere, there are random little white spots with snow that eventually gets covered in nasty brown mud.
  10. My name is Summer, I was born to hate winter.
  11. Did I mention it’s cold?

Photo Courtesy of health.harvard.edu



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