Deep Space Nine is the third installment in the Star Trek Universe and first to introduce an entire crew that is on a space station and not a starship. The main cast contained 10 main characters implemented well throughout the entire series. DS9 included seven seasons each with most having 26 episodes. Deep Space Nine was introduced in 1993 and ended in 1999.  Deep Space Nine includes many different kinds of species that have not been seen much in the Star Trek Universe before now, or not at all. Ferengi, Trill, Bajorans, and Cardassians are all part of the series, but it is not just limited to just them. The tvies also includes humans as one of the main few protagonists in the series along with the Ferengi, Bajorans and Trill, the Trill are a subrace of human and only one is on the show at a time.

Deep Space Nine takes place during the duration of the last two seasons of The Next Generation and continues on for five years after that. Episodes introduced included a mirror dimension, exploration, and even time travel and it worked really well. The risk taken was very great but the reward was even better because of what they accomplished.


First, they reintroduced the mirror dimension that was first shown in the original Star Trek where Captain Kirk and his main crew got trapped in a mirror world and was replaced by a savage Kirk and crew. After the original Enterprise crew got back to their world, the episode ended and everyone expected to never see the other dimension again. But it did come back for five episodes in Deep Space Nine and introduced the mirror of all main characters in DS9. All humans were slaves aboard DS9 while the Ferengi, Bajorans, Cardassians and Klingons controlled all the quadrants.The events of the original series played into this and every race that was not a human became the supreme race. The event plays out and the mirror world counterparts gain control of the station along with the help of the Ferengi on the station. The use of the mirror dimension was a great use of what they had, yes, it was confusing and a bit out of place but it did eventually fit into the swing of the series and made the series even better. Plus when a character died and someone replaced them in the non-mirror universe the mirror one usually lost or even gained one as well making it look more like a mirror. The only true difference occurs when the Ben Sisko dies in the mirror world but not the real world this is because of how the plot needed to work and to compensate for this he became the Ben Sisko of both sides.

Next, exploration was a big key part of DS9. A new quadrant called the gamma quadrant was discovered and showed the true villain of the series called the founders, a shapeshifting race called, “The Great Link.” They controlled races below them called Jem’Hadar, and the Vorta and used them as their army. Jem’Hadar age fast and are very advanced. The Vorta are the smarts of the troop and the one that holds onto the drug that controls the Jem’Hadar called “The white.” Once the people on DS9 discovered the Founders, war began following a trick by the Founders and the Dominion to surround the station after a fake peace treaty. The war continues for six seasons and escalates quite a bit and the Cardassians even join in on the Dominions side. The Cardassians even wanted to continue their occupation of the Bajor homeworld after the war, but instead the Cardassians fought back after discovering the true plans for the wall.


Finally, time travel takes the last spot and thrived on Deep Space Nine. Usually time travel happened once or maybe even twice in a season and filled up an episode or two in each. In one event, they went back to the time of Captain Kirk and saved him from a Klingon that was from the present like Ben Sisko. Another time they accidentally hit a time loop and got stuck 200 years in the past where they start off a colony. The descendants three generations after them are in the present timeline telling them what will happen if they do or do not trip the time loop again. Finally, Odo the shapeshifter tried to link to non shape shifters and brought them to an alternate past where he is not the security warden. The event goes down where he knows where he is but it will not happen the same way if he does not accept what had happened.


Star Trek Deep Space Nine is a interesting story of mirror dimension, exploration, and time travel and opens the realm of possibilities for future expectations and past ones as well.



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