Over the past several years a nonprofit organization has politically erupted. Many politicians want to shut down Planned Parenthood, an organization which provides reproductive health in the United States, because they provide abortions. I believe this idea is completely outrageous. I do not agree with abortion and feel that laws should become stricter to accommodate limitations on the timeframe a woman can receive one, however, the general idea society has of Planned Parenthood is a highly mistaken one.

The organization does much more than kill off embryos and fetus’. Planned Parenthood provides various reproductive services at little to no cost. Some services include birth control, STD testing, rape kits, cancer screenings and of course abortions. Although I do not fully agree with abortions, especially after the first trimester of a pregnancy, the organization abides by all laws and regulations to provide healthcare to both men and women.

In addition to abortion, the organization also provides a safe place for men and women to receive a rape kit, birth control, STD testing and screening as well as some cancer screenings at little to no cost. The list of services goes on, however, many people only see that they are providing abortions at little to no cost to patients. The truth of this is that Planned Parenthood abides by all laws and regulations. If more states were to adopt stricter laws that limited the window which the operation could be performed, there is a chance that the hiatus of the organization would calm down.

I feel that all men and women have the right to receive all healthcare at little to no cost and everyone should have the rights to their body especially when it comes to creating more lives. Everyone should have a safe place to go if they cannot see, are uncomfortable with or do not have a primary health physician. Planned Parenthood was given a bad name due to one of the various services they offer. I firmly believe that if someone feels abortion is not a good choice or the time frame the procedure can take place should change, they should address lawmakers instead of approaching the organization.



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