Relay for Life the one thing that Ovid Elsie raises money for each year, but what is it all about? The organization is for the American Cancer Society which raises money each year to help with research to find a cure for cancer. For this charity, it used to be just spending six to 24 hours walking around a track or path to help raise money and spread awareness of cancer. But now more communities give back to relay for life by doing a spin onto the way they raise money for the charity.

Ovid-Elsie takes new ways of raising money to make it not only fun for the students and teachers but also helping to find a cure for cancer. For example, there is Jail and Bail in the high school where students pay to get out of class up to three hours. There they can play the Wii, talk to their friends, and get on their phone, students enjoy this because it’s a stress-free hour for them to relax. In high school, there is also different food sold all week and hat bands sold for a dollar. Another thing they do is sell cut out paper feet for a $1 to write your or someone else name on it to be displayed then you can walk the track outside for an hour sometime within the day. In the middle school and elementary there are many other fundraisers too, overall no matter what fundraising option there is the most important thing is the profits go to a great cause of Relay for Life. But the profits this year go to the middle school technology teacher Mrs.Kirby who is fighting breast cancer



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