On April 26th, Ovid-Elsie High School’s drama class performed Almost to Maine for high school students, and administration. The hour-and-a-half long play was full of love and laughter for many people watching, and it was overall very enjoyable. All the students involved in the play played their parts very well, despite all the teenage eyes on them, they stayed headstrong, and seemed to enjoy themselves throughout the whole play. Each part that they played, they played whole-heartedly, and with passion, just as expected. The on-stage chemistry was not only believable, but it connected with the audience as they watched along. All these students, both on stage, and behind the scenes are beyond talented, and their hard work was very much enjoyed by students and administration, and will be remembered for years to come. In one sketch, Hope, played by Ella Sheedlo, went searching for a lost love that she once walked away from years previously. Once she got to the house of who she loved and remembered so dearly, she was greeted by a man she didn’t recognize, played by Dawson Coldiron, then assuming that her past love had moved away, and she was once again alone. She began to tell this man about the love she had with a man named Danny, and how one day he asked her to marry him, and in a state of shock and confusion, she left without ever answering his question. After time passed, she felt as if she didn’t belong anywhere, and then she thought of a place where she used to belong, Danny’s home. In attempt to feel safe, and like she belonged, she traveled back to what she remembered to be his home. After telling the man she didn’t recognize her broken love story, the man admits that he is Danny. After revealing who he truly was, his new love called him from inside his house, causing him to have to say goodbye to Hope, and once he walked into the house, Hope gently whispered “Yes” then answering the question he asked so long ago.

The Cast included:

Pete – played by Hezakigha Morgan; Ginette – played by Savannah Brown; East – played by Brayden Jones; Glory – played by Alexis Hart-Butcher; Jimmy – played by Dawson Coldiron; Sandrine – played by Kaydence Bowen; Villian – played by Amelia Hibbler; A group in the pub – played by Kloie Bigelow and Julienna Bergman; Marvalyn – played by Chloe Davis; Steve – played by Brandon Grieder; Gayle – played by Lauren Harper; Lendall – played by Noah Payne; Chad – played by Daniel Dunlap; Randi – played by Koralyn Baillie; Phil – played by Ezra Valentine; Marci – played by Gabrielle Steele; Extra skater – played by Jasmine Son; Hope – played by Ella Sheedlo; Danny – played by Dawson Coldiron; Rhonda – played by Koralyn Baillie; Dave – played by Daniel Dunlap;

Tech Crew:

Stage manager – Lillian Ackles; Assistant stage manager – Jadyn Yonchewskie;  Stage crew – Jessica Goodrich, Amber Sunrick, Lani Kahalehau, Maddie Stewart, Alexis Stoneman, Alex Mahnehy; Makeup and Costume master and assistant lightboard during show – Jasmine Blemaster, Liz Underhill; Prop Master – Victoria Workman; Assistant prop master – Vayda Clingerman;  Sound – Vanessa Darling; Light master – Lillian Hart-Rodgers; Computer/Light effects – Kaity Thompson; Spotlight master – Zoe Baiz; Assistant Director – Hunter Kelly; Sound – Chloe Evans; Float – Emily Love;

Other Help:

Fogmaster – Jordyn Hunt; Entrance Sales – Christa Vine; Assistant sound board – Kaylie Chapko; Assistant soundboard – Emily Stenger;



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