Star Trek Voyager, the fourth installment of Star Trek with seven seasons of roughly 26 episodes each season. The series that introduced us to Warp 10 (infinite velocity) to even more time travel than any other series in the Trek universe. Voyager being the ship it was, survived more than what it signed up for and by the end of the journey included lots of alien technology that they could not use because of it being too fast for them or even because it was too advanced. This is where the franchise of Star Trek tv shows ends in the timeline but the series continues as a novel series with hundreds of books and even a few movies that go past the final travels of Voyager. Captain of Voyager was the first female captain in the franchise of Star Trek and the only one we know of as of now.

Voyager got very confusing with time travel and that is even with the extra information they gave us to help fix what they did. Not in any order here are some of the time travel they did. Harry and Chakotay end back at Earth with slipstream technology but everyone else died on an ice planet because of Harry’s miscalculated coordinates, they then come back in hopes to send the correct coordinates to Seven of Nine in the past so they can stop from crashing like they did the first time this fails and then they try again in the exact same spot as before and succeed. Finally, in the final season and last two episodes of Voyager a future version of Janeway comes back in time to shorten the time needed for Voyager to get home by use of a transwarp corridor. They destroy it and get through it and that’s just the end, nothing is explained and nothing is shown any farther. Time is changed so many times that you don’t really know who is really in the real cast and who are extras in the series.

Voyager even beat the speed record for what was possible, well actually the shuttlepod Cochrane and Tom Paris did and ended up everywhere in the universe at a stunning warp 10 or infinite velocity. I don’t even understand how you can go from 1900c or the speed of light at 9.975 but at less than 3/10th of a warp they can hit an infinite velocity to go anywhere in the universe. They don’t even explain to a great extent what the barrier is between those two speeds so it concerns me that they would introduce an idea like this without introducing it ever again.

Let’s talk about the Borg and how they became one of the greatest villains but also one of the most annoying villains in Star Trek. The Borg for four season was one of the biggest allies and villains of the Voyager series being able to be developed into a mess that had its ups and downs. The Borg queen was able to control all the Borg around her but for some reason is not part of the actual hive network. The Borg are all connected by the hive and having the queen not connected makes no sense in terms of Borg and assimilation. The Borg also through the series is very annoying as in when the season usually came to an end they always showed up to do the same thing, to get Seven of Nine back, this was between season four to seven. Don’t get me wrong they were great villains… Sorry a villain a singular villain, but to make a villain and also develop them better opens up lots of plothole’s that make is worst for the story if they don’t plan far ahead.

All in all Star Trek Voyager was a great tv series that just sometimes did not finish what it started. It had some great plots and villains but not a great explanation to everything. I would give this tv show an 8 out of 10 for the entire seven seasons.   



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