Friday, Sept. 13 was an unlucky day for the Ovid-Elsie Marauder boys Varsity soccer team, who played Hemlock Huskies on the Marauder’s home field. Hemlock defeated the Marauders with a score of 1-0. TJ Hurst a wing/forward for the Marauders, said that the team had good passes, good execution, and that they played really well together, but one thing that they could have done better was to score a goal. 

Striker, Calen Byrnes from the Marauders, said that the team needs to execute better, and that they could have won if the execution was better. 

Also speaking for the Marauders was Coach, Justin Fluharty. This is his first year as head coach for boys Varsity soccer, but he has been helping out former coach, Chris Parker for awhile. 

Coach, Justin Fluharty said, “I think we did pretty well, and uh what’s that called when you have a very weird situation happen?” 


“No. Unexpected situation we handled it well because we had to play down by one player.” 

Due to the red card that Chandler Witford received when he was trying to stop the ball from going in the goal, the ball had a weird bounce to it, and bounced off the ground and hit Chandler’s hand, as he was trying to regain his balance. ,the Marauders had to play down by one player the whole rest of the game, but did not allow another goal to be scored by the Hemlock Huskies, after their penalty kick. Overall O-E Marauders played amazing together as a team, and that was something almost all of the teammates could agree on.



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