Woodshop class with Instructor Ben Smith has many exciting plans being made into sawdust, as kids start planing boards to start their projects. A few of the popular projects this year are night stands, coffee tables, and also game calls. 

Senior Joseph Duckert talked about his project for this semester. “ I am making a coffee table out of a tapped maple tree from my grandparents farm.”

Senior Zach Miller said that this semester for his project he is making “duck calls. “ He said,“For my project I am making two acriylic duck calls one is blue and black the other is grey and black.” 

Senior Tyler Luth talked about his projects. He said, “ I plan on making a canoe shelf, it’s about half the size of an actual canoe.” Asked why he wanted to make this project, he replied with “because I want to store my books and pictures on it.” 

Lastly, Smith was asked what he wants kids to learn out of his classes. He replied with, “ confidence in themselves because there are a lot of kids that come in the shop thinking that they can’t do a project because they’re afraid they will make mistakes.” 



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