This week, we interviewed two of the Ovid-Elsie freshmen class officers. We interviewed Alexis Spitzley who is the freshmen Vice President, and Brooklyn Belill who is the freshmen Historian about themselves and the upcoming homecoming dance. 

The Homecoming dance is called, “Dancing through the Decades.” Each grade has a different decade that they are responsible for decorating their halls and float with. The freshmen class is the 1950’s. The freshmen class color is white so the freshmen hallway will be decorated with the 50’s and white decorations. Whoever wins the hallway decorating contest between the four grades gets points and the class with the most points wins. 

We asked Brooklyn and Alexis, “What is going on this week with the class officers?” Alexis replied, “For hallway and float decorating, we are going to collect streamers, balloons, and records from the thrift store.” Brooklyn said, “We are collecting items for our 50’s theme float and hallways.
We then asked the two why they wanted to be class officers. Alexis replied, “I wanted to be more involved in the school and it seemed fun.” Brooklyn answered, “I thought it would be interesting to be part of a student leadership group other than student council.” 

My next question was, “What exactly do you both do as class officers?” Alexis said, “I step in and run the meetings if the president isn’t there. I also help come up with ideas and interact with others.” Brooklyns reply was, “I collect photos of the students for the graduation video.” 

Lastly, we asked if they were enjoying being class officers and Alexis said, “Yes, it’s fun!” Brooklyn said, “Yeah, it’s a lot different than the leadership groups like student council. There are more opportunities to get a position than there was on student council.”



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