Sept. 26th, was a lucky day for the Marauder boy’s Varsity soccer team, who beat Montrose at Montrose’s home field with the score of 1-0. 

Defender, Even Hehrer, said that even though his team did work well together, he did not believe that they played to their full potential and that they could have done better. When Even was asked about his opinion of the teams overall execution, Even stated, “It was good, Jackson Thornton did the best.” 

Colin Fluharty, center, left, defender, said that he had some decent dribble moves, and some really good passes. Colin was asked if he could change anything from the game, what would he change, and he simply said, “ I would change nothing.” When asking Colin if he played his best today, he agreed with Even, his teammate, and said, “No, I do not think that me or my team did our best today, we probably could have done some things better.”

Overall, the Ovid-Elsie Boys Varsity soccer team agreed that they could have played better together, and individually. Although they are very pleased with beating Montrose again, they are going to keep practicing hard, to be able to work better together, and over come bigger and better competition. 



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