Recently, a randomly selected group of 20 high schoolers took a survey about their food habits. There were four questions, all of which were multiple choice. Their results were very surprising, showing healthy and unhealthy trends.

The first question on the survey was what food they would choose out of pizza, burgers, salad, and PBJ. The cliche answer to this question is generally pizza, so that is why it was surprising that 50% of them chose burgers. 45% chose pizza, and 5% chose PBJ. 0% chose salad.

The next question they were asked was about their favorite ice cream out of a select four, Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookie Dough, and Mint Chocolate Chip. Of those, 40% chose Cookie Dough, 30% chose Mint Chocolate Chip, 15% said Chocolate, and 10% chose Vanilla. Lastly, 5% said none.

The third question they were asked was about their favorite drink out of soda, juice, milk, and water. The student’s answers to this question was also surprising. The cliche answer for this is some sort of soda, but 45% of the students said they would drink water over soda. Another 35% said juice, 20% said soda, and 0% said milk.

Their final question was where they would go for fast food. Their options included Taco Bell, McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s. Surprisingly, 30% of the students chose Taco Bell, 30% chose McDonalds, 15% chose Burger King,and 15% chose McDonalds. Although it wasn’t an option, 5% chose Chick Fil A, and 5% chose none.

The food habits of students at OE were definitely different than expected, but they show how healthy or unhealthy students can really be.           



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