Since the 1950’s many conspiracy theories have been told about Area 51 regarding UFOS and alien sightings at the basecamp in Hiko, Nevada. Who is he, Matty Roberts created the event on Facebook on June 27th as a joke. Roberts did not realize the viral attention his post was going to get.  W within the first three days only 40 people were interested in going that number quickly skyrocketed. There were a total of 2 million people going and 1.5 million interested. About 150 people showed up to “Storm Area 51” raid.

    Roberts organized a music festival known as “alienstock”. Starting Sept 19-22, about 1,500 people showed up to the festival. However,police and local officials were still worried even the legal events might be problematic. In case of an emergency there were over 300 paramedics and over 150 police officers that were brought in from across Nevada. 

    During the raid only one was arrested, not for attempting to storm, but for public urination. On the 19th, a dutch Youtuber and his friend were arrested for trying to get a good look at the Nevada National Security  site, about three miles in a Nye County sheriff deputy spotted them.

     Also known as Groom Lake, Area 51 has been used by the U.S. government for testing top secret aircraft, foreign aircraft and other new technology. It has been speculated that the facility, known as Area 51 on a geographic map, was a testing ground for recovered alien craft. The land surrounding the facility is guarded with signs posted that government security is authorized to use deadly force to stop intruders. 



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