This week we interview Crystal Loynes the secretary in the OE Middle School office. They have many activities planned, “Girls Basketball and Cross Country, Scheduling dates for 8th grade Washington DC trip, The History of Dating Play Performances, November 22 and 23, 7:00 pm, Robotis JC Strongbots have started.” stated Loynes. 

In the last couple of years  in middle school they have done Manic Mystery Monday and they continued the tradition this year. Loynes states,” Mrs. Claire Holley is always looking for challenging trivia questions. Winners this year earn a Blow Pop. Trivia questions categories include: Pop Culture, Geography, History, Science, Arts & Literature,Sports and Food.” 

When asked, if there’s any assemblies, her response,” None scheduled at this time. SEL lessons started and 6th grade students are also meeting with Deputy (Tracy) Barber every other week for TEAM. September 23 the Clinton County Sheriff Dept presented on Cyber Bullying.” 



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