OE Varsity Boys Soccer Team became conference champs for the fourth year in a row Oct. 8, but came up short in district play. 

Oct. 9, the boys started the district run against Lansing Sexton in Williamston at 5 pm. Ovid- Elsie arrived at 4 and warmed up for an hour. Lansing Sexton arrived late and did not have time to warm up when play began at 5 p.m. That did not stop them from taking a 3-0 win away from the Marauders. 

According to player Trenton Hurst, “ We were better than them but they played a different game than we were used to.” The final score was 3-0  ending the season. During the season they accomplished conference champs for the fourth year in a row.

Before the game, there was a 45-minute wait because the opposing team had bus troubles. Because of that, OE had already warmed up and then cooled down and then played. That caused some of the players to cramp towards the end of the game. The last 20 minutes some of the main players had to come out because of the cramps, said Hurst.. 

Lansing Sexton had 19 shots on goal Nate Reser had 16 saves in the game. Jackson and Colin had a couple of non-goalie saves which helped to keep it a 3-0 game versus a 5-0 game. The other defenders also had non-goalie saves. 



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