The Marauders Freshman Volleyball team took victory against the Montrose Rams in their last game of the season. They played three sets, the first had the scores of 25-9. The second scores were 25-13 and the Marauders took the overall win with the scores of 25-18. Now that volleyball is over, their season’s record is at a final of 9-2.

The game was on Oct 23 at the Montrose High School. Some of the Ovid-Elsie players said the gym floor was quite slippery and the Montrose crowd was not expecting our team to take the victory. 

Katelyn Swender, Ovid-Elsie ?s middle & front blocker, said, ?The Montrose team was not communicating well and when they hit the ball it would go behind them.”

 ¨I am sad and glad the volleyball is over. I’m sad because my team is like family to me, but in glad because I won ?t have to listen to all the teams drama anymore,” said Ashland Particka, Marauder’s back hitter.



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