We should be allowed to listen to music during class, most teachers do not allow it. Although  music is proven to help make you more productive and listening to music at school improves everyone’s mood. Teachers claim it might make learning and remembering new information more difficult.  However, when I listen to music when I work, I benefit in terms of mood, but it doesn’t affect my work productivity. Listening to music you like activates the pleasure center in your brain and the effect is an improvement in your mood and creativity. A that was published  found that streamlined music can indeed improve “perceived focus, task persistence, precognition, and creative thinking.”

    So many people find music comforting and calming. In fact, music is so effective in reducing anxiety, even dentists use music to calm nervous patients. Everyone who has learned their ABCs knows that it is easier to memorize a list if it is set to music. Music helps everyone, doesn’t matter what you are doing or where you are music can even help some stroke patients. It can, Improve your balance and gait as well as speech, memory, attention, focus  and help organize movement if you can’t control your muscles. 

    Music helps soothe stress, listening to music can have a tremendously relaxing effect on our minds and bodies, especially slow, quiet classical music. Since ancient times, it has been known that certain kinds of music can help soothe away stress. Music can significantly decrease irritability.  I think if I were allowed to listen to music in every class while following the teachers rules and working it would help me in school and ease my stress, anxiety and I’d be able to get more work done. 



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