The TV show Greenhouse Academy is a Netflix original and there season 3.The third season came out October 25th 2019. 

In a private boarding school for gifted future leaders, mysterious events draw kids from both competing houses the Ravens and the Eagles into a secret investigation. They uncover a deadly plot to destroy the planet. Only by joining forces, will they be able to save the world? Season 3 begins with the Greenhouse Academy being 10th place on the school’s leaderboard. Louis (the headmaster) believes that this is because the Eagles and Ravens are too friendly, so he sends them on a gruelling 2-day hike. On this hike, many of the Greenhouse students are injured.

The Greenhouse Academy was produced by Giora Chamizer and Nutz Productions for Netflix. 

The TV show starred Ariel Mortman, Finn Roberts, Dallas Hart, Chris O’neal.  The cast did really well on making the show come to life. 

Reviews say the many watchers became addicted to the show and I agree the show is amazing.  My rating on the show is a 5/5.  



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