Taking a recent survey of 44 Ovid Elsie students, many of them have been introduced to Netflix. Will that remain the same?  

The survey was taken by students in Matt Grandstanff’s fifth period along with Laura Weber’s sixth period. About 20 out of the 44 students say that they binge watch Netflix quite often. Shows that they said they have binged are shows such as, Stranger Things, Friends, Riverdale, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Office. All these shows seem to be named the most popular on Netflix although, most are being taken off due to Netflix getting more and more competition. 

The students who took the survey were also asked what their favorite movies were that are on Netflix and the top two were The Bee Movie along with the movie Turbo. Both are animations that tell stories of creatures. Just how long with they remain on Netflix? Things are changing. For instance, Disney movies have been taken off due to the production of Disney+ where all the movies and shows will be uploaded from the early 2000s to now. 



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