Campus Life is an organization to help young Christians make good relationships through high school. The main goal of Campus Life is, “ to provide students a safe environment to discuss relevant issues in their lives, applying the idea of a balanced life mentally, physically, spiritually and socially.” Charlie Kreager says. The major questions were answered by the director, Charlie Kreager, and minor questions were answered by John Hazel, a teacher from Ovid Elsie Middle School.

Kreager was also asked about why Campus Life came to the district. “People from the community asked if we could come here.” They immediately agreed because what they are doing is good, and it is great to spread it, even to smaller school districts like OE. 

The major difference between Campus Life and Student Challenge is that Student Challenge is for people who want to grow in their, and already have a clear relationship with God. Campus Life is more of a relationship and trust building and starting to find where you stand in your faith.

Campus Life is a great organization, it is really fun and you learn a lot about yourself, your peers, and your faith.



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